Print and Digital Design


Accuracy is my Senior Project from college. As a senior in the design program we got to choose a topic and design all supporting elements. 

I chose to make up a company called Accuracy. It was based around designing an app and marketing materials for a new cutting edge fitness tracking device.

The premise around the device was that it would be implanted into your forearm and would be able to track on its own your caloric intake, your water consumption, your steps, sleep, muscle output and much more. 

I designed the interface of the app, a trifold brochure explaining the device, a motion graphics video, and two posters.

All graphics were illustrated by me, the video was designed and put together by me, the posters were designed by me and the photos were taken by me as well. 

This project was my baby for a semester and years later I am still very proud of all of my hard work.

Poster design for fitness tracking device
Brochure design for fitness tracking device
UX/UI design for fitness tracking device
Poster design for fitness tracking device