Custom Hand lettering, sunshine box
Custom Hand Lettering, sunshine box


Custom Hand lettering


Travel Tags Inc. is a leader in card printing, personalization, fulfillment, card packaging and specialty print. They decided to send out  a “Box of  Sunshine” to some of their existing clients.


They wanted the design to be fun, bright, personal and thoughtful. Each box was filled with fun yellow gifts and a cute card. For this project I hand lettered the tag that was on the outside of each box as well as the card that went inside. As an added personal touch I lettered the names of each recipient on the outside of the box.


This was such a fun project to work on. I have sent boxes of sunshine myself before just to brighten up someone’s day! I hope to incorporate these into my shop some day to make it easy for people to send a thoughtful gift to brighten up someone’s day.

Custom Hand Lettering, sunshine box