Brand Style Guide for Life Time Health


Print and Digital Design


Life Time Fitness is a healthy way of life company whose purpose is to incorporate health and wellness into all aspects of one’s life. I was primarily part of a new division within Life Time called LT Proactive Care. LT Proactive Care was built on the idea to change the way we go about health care. Our goal was to bring a Physician, Registered Dietitian, and Personal Trainer together in one space to help you achieve your goals. 


I worked on many projects while at Life Time, each project for LT Proactive care is outlined in the portfolio to the left. Once clicked upon it will lead you to a PDF with a brief description of all the types of projects I worked on.


In addition to LT Proactive care I also worked across a few other separate divisions such as LT Health and LifeClinic. For LT Health I was responsible for putting together their Brand Style Guide. I started on this knowing virtually nothing about the brand and developing it into an easy to follow guide for the entire division to utilize for brand consistency moving forward. 


For LifeClinic, the physical therapy and chiropractic division within Life Time, I supported the team from a collateral standpoint. I worked on a variety of digital signage as well as a few banners.


Sara Hynes Portfolio for LT Proactive Care