• Sara White

Sticking to a schedule during quarentine

It goes without saying that right now is a crazy time for the whole world! A lot of people are out of the job, working from home, everything just seems like it's turned upside-down. I am one of the lucky ones who has been blessed with the opportunity to continue working from home which has been so great. I know for me it can be challenging to keep any sort of structure or schedule with the new arrangements.

I have created these two new print outs FREE for you guys to use to help you keep to a schedule and prioritize tasks. I have been using my daily schedule to help remind me to get up and move every hour, schedule in a workout, and not forget about things that people may be calling me about. The to do list helps me keep everything that I want to do at home organized so my work lists aren't overlapping with my personal to do lists.

Whether you are quarantined because of COVID-19 or are just practicing social distancing (Which we all should be doing) I hope these help bring some sanity and structure back into your life.

Click the larger photo download and print.

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